Advanced IT Solutions 
Creating Smarter Networks

Small businesses ask for more out of their IT support staff today than ever before. Whether your business runs its IT services on in-house servers or in the cloud, you have applications that need constant attention such as your customer relationship management database, marketing automation platform, and enterprise resource planning software. On the customer-facing side, you have a website and possibly a mobile app. Your local computers also siphon away your IT resources with their need for backups, application updates, and protection from ransomware. To stay profitable, your business needs to stay lean and mean. There is a better way to handle IT. Outsourced Managed IT Support by  a security conscious managed service provider such as Nicolazzi Technologies.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft offers the next evolution in Office solutions, taking advantage of cloud computing and storage. Office 365 provides the constant availability and flexible access that traditional software installations can’t match. 

Managed Security Services

Does your company have a proactive approach to cybersecurity, or do you simply muddle through as well as you can and hope that a hacker never targets your data? 

Mobile Device Management

The promise of cloud computing brings with it increased possibilities for decreasing company equipment and servers and relying on devices users and even clients may already have. 

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Managed Cloud Backup

3. Remote Technical Support


In today’s modern business world, time truly is money. You cannot afford your business operations to go down. Nicolazzi Technologies ensures all steps are taken to make certain you are always continuously operational, regardless of the circumstance

We see your business as a finely-tuned performance vehicle, and we – the mechanics. Even a top-performing car cannot continue to operate at peak performance without continual maintenance, adjustments, and improvements. We’ll have you racing through your work in no time.

The thing that makes us different from other IT support options is we will make certain – once your network is up – it stays up. With the redundancies and offsite options available to us, our clients’ downtime has quickly become a thing of the past. We pride ourselves on keeping your systems safe and secure, and demonstrating consistent professionalism by being on time and on budget.

-Kyle Nicolazzi, CEO

Nicolazzi Technologies is a division of Kyle Nicolazzi LLC

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